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All You Need To Know About Xeriscape Landscapes

Xeriscape Landscape


Have you ever seen houses with desert landscaping, full of grasses, succulents, or Mediterranean plants?

This style is known as Xeriscape Landscape. This weird-looking name has its origin from the Greek word “Xeros” which means dry. Just as its name says, it is landscaping that uses heat-resistant plants in drought areas. It is very common to see this type of landscaping in arid places like Nevada or Arizona, and now popping up all over Southern Oregon.


But, what is Xeriscape Landscape?

This style of landscaping is very common in drought areas, and it looks beautiful in surrounding your home. Using a mix of heat-resistant plants it’s perfect for drier climates. If you live in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, or Southern Oregon, Xeriscape Landscape is for you. But, why? Well, these states are well-known for their low annual rainfall rates, in comparison with other states like Northern Oregon and Washington. That’s why a lot of experts in eco-minded landscapes designs are strong advocates for this style.

Benefits of Xeriscape Landscape

We have a feeling you are almost convinced, so here are the main benefits of choosing Xeriscape Landscape for your outdoor space.

– Low Maintenance: You have tried and failed to keep plants like rose bushes, lawns, or fir trees alive because they need constant management in arid climates. Forget about this, with Xeriscape Landscape you will have perfect plants for hot climates, elevating the aesthetics of your front garden without the need for much attention and maintenance.

– Low Cost: Even if drought plants are expensive at first, in the long run, they are super cheap to maintain, especially due to the lower water requirements.

– Save more water: As we have stated, you live in an area where rain is a strange natural phenomenon, that’s why water conservation is an important topic in the community, the planet, and your water bill.

– Exotic beauty: Some of the plants that will bring joy and life to your outdoor spaces are: succulents, jacarandas, lavender, olive trees, ornamental grasses, and century plants. All of them are beautiful, colourful, and eye-catching. Just because they are low maintenance, doesn’t mean they are ugly or lacking a wow factor.

Is Xeriscape Landscape expensive?

Costs for Xeriscape Landscape can vary depending on the size of your yard or patio, where you are located, the plants you choose for the design, the landscape design company that works with you, and the land preparation that needs to be done.

However, even though the initial investment maybe a couple of thousand dollars, according to the US Department of Energy, a well-designed Xeriscape Landscape can pay for itself within eight years. This is due to low maintenance costs, low water consumption, and incentive programs of some local governments.

At Oregon Landscape we can bring the perfect Xeriscape design for your outdoor space or yard. Our priority is to bring exactly what you want within your budget and leave you with breath-taking

landscaping work. You can check our services. We assure you are a professional company that keeps your needs in mind.

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