Paver Patios Is Your Best Option, Here Is Why

Finished Custom Paver Patio

Paver Patios Is Your Best Option, Here Is Why

There is nothing like going to your backyard and having a nice patio waiting for you. Now that you have decided to build your own, there is an important question to answer: Which kind of material is best to use? This is very easy to reply to. Paver Patios. There is no other way if you want something to survive the inclemencies of weather and last for a long time.
In this article, we will talk about the main reasons for having a Paver Patio or any kind of pathway over concrete. Be ready to take some notes!
Why Are Paver Patios The Best Option?
Paver patios are amazing due to their easy installation and low maintenance requirements; however, some professionals will tell you concrete is better and cheaper. In the long run, it will need maintenance way sooner and it will cost you more money. Let us explain further.

Paver Patio vs Concrete PatioProfessional Paver Installer Installing Paver Patio

In the last part we talked about maintenance, the truth is that concrete needs to be sealed continuously so it doesn’t crack. Concrete is known for having no flex. This means that it makes it hard to install in places with dramatic weather changes and without expecting to have cracks in the first few years.
Did you know Pavers Patios have a 10–15-year rating before maintenance is needed? That’s right, on the other hand, you have to maintain concrete each year. The first option might be expensive to install, but you don’t have to reinvest for about 10 years based on installation.

Installing Custom Paver Patio for client

Another win for Paver Patios is that you can customize it. There are a lot of shapes, colors blends, designs, and block styles for you to choose from. Since there are so many options, you can adjust your budget for your patio and use a cheaper style/size/color blend. Not every design or style costs the same either.
At Oregon Landscape Company we can show you all the available styles, colors blends, and design options, but also make recommendations based on your needs and space.
One more thing, installing a Paver Patio can increase your home value by giving a high-end look in comparison with using concrete or wood decking. In the case where a paver becomes cracked or damaged, it’s easier to repair since you only have to replace one paver block at a time, instead of the whole concrete surface area.
We are sure you want the best for your home without exceeding your budget. At Oregon Landscape Company, we can help you find the best patio and pathway solutions for your outdoor living. We specialize in landscaping installation to give a safe, fun, and beautiful space for your family to gather and spend quality time together. We have a vast variety of services and it all starts with a consultation.

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