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Get Your Landscape Ready For Winter

Snow falling around an evergreen

Get your landscape ready for winter with Oregon Landscape 

Are you ready for the arrival of cold temperatures, drying winds, and snow all over your garden? Get your sprinkler system all set for the Winter. At Oregon Landscape Company, we have our winterization service ready for you.

The extreme change of temperatures, especially in Oregon where we live, can cause a lot of problems in with your irrigation if it doesn’t have proper preparation, or as we like to call it, winterization before the winter months.

Here are some of the problems you could face in the spring if you don’t get your outdoorscape ready for winter:

         Sprinkler irrigation systems can freeze from prolonged cold weather exposure.

         Pipes of all kinds can break, causing irrigation leaks causing high water bills.

         These leaks can damage the foundation of your house and your landscaping.

         Repairs can be costly and preventable by scheduling your winterization in the fall months.

What you need is to hire professionals to do a complete winter blowout to your irrigation system and turn it off for the cold season.

How Does Winterization Work Out For Your Landscape?

The way we prepare your sprinkler system for cold temperatures is by blowing out all the charged pipes that may hold water to prevent your system from freezing and breaking.

The major benefit of hiring this service with us is that it will prevent your pipes to get frozen and bursting, causing leaks that can damage your house foundation, or flood your entire backyard. These damages can cost 4 to 5 times more than hiring a winterization service Oregon Landscape Company.

When the snow falls and you start shoveling, the heads of your irrigation system can be knocked out of place or break. That’s why it’s a great idea to call your trusted landscaping professional and do early preparations. Schedule a visit with us in Oregon Landscape and we can confirm everything is working properly in your backyard, and what measures are needed to survive the winter season.


Ready For Spring? 

Once the winter says its goodbyes, we will come out in the spring to turn your irrigation system on again. Don’t let winterization scare you. We understand that it may seem like a lot and a troublesome process, and that’s why you need to hire a professional like us. Our agendas are open, we are scheduling on a first come first serve basis.

To keep enjoying your beautiful outdoor spaces during the hot days, it’s necessary to take the proper cautions during the winter.

Taking a little bit of extra care throughout the year preserves your investment in landscaping and will keep the yard healthy long into the future.

-Oregon Landscape Company

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