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Landscape Design

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Here at Oregon Landscape Company, we offer a wide variety of landscape design services to meet all of your landscape needs. Everyone’s yard is different, right? From soil, to grade, our yards can be as unique as we are. So, let’s push it to the limit.. Make a space that fits your lifestyle and can bring extra usable square footage to your home entertainment space. Do you enjoy getting together to play yard games and BBQ with your friends and family? Having a fresh purposeful outdoor space will make you never want to leave your little outdoor oasis again.



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Hardscapes & Plandscapes

Like We said… We do it all. Are you looking to spruce up your space by adding some sweet Hardscape design work? Or, are you looking to add a Plantscape design to your space to liven things up a bit? If so, we’ve got you covered. Cool, right? You can think of us as your one stop shop when it comes to outdoor design services. And let us tell you. It gets better.

Plantscape Design


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Keep up to date on what we’re up to. Follow our blogs where you can find tips and tricks of the industry for your DIY projects and to check out the awesome projects we create.

Find out how we can bring your landscaping dreams to life. Call us for your free estimate today and start your journey for a transformed outdoor space.

We like to make working with us as easy as possible. With our client hub you can access everything from new requests, quotes, and payments to financing options and  project communications. Create your account to all your landscaping services in one place and simple to navigate.

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