Irrigation System Installation

Caring for a lawn or planter bed can seem like quite the task. Knowing what time of day is best to water, how much water you should be giving it, and even what direction your home faces can make your desire for having a high-end looking landscape impossible. What if we told you that installing a Smart Controlled Irrigation System would take away all of your fears of investing in an outdoor design?

At Oregon Landscape Company, we focus on Smart Irrigation Systems that allow you to Set It and Forget It. Even when it rains… Our Smart controllers read the current weather to ensure that you aren’t over watering your lawn. In turn you actually reduce your water usage, and save money. You heard us, your sprinkler system offers water conservation by about 30% compared to a standard Irrigation System. 

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Irrigation System Options



Our Smart Irrigation Systems are dialed in to conserve water, save you time, and result in saving you money in the long haul. We use both Rainbird and Hunter products for all of our systems and ensure our customers are receiving the most efficient and custom system to meet their yard needs.

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Backflow Systems

Backflows are critical and a requirement for any installed sprinkler system. A backflow is designed to prevent back-siphonage and back-pressure of contaminated water into your homes water line. Our OLC team is licensed and trained to both install and repair any and all of your backflow needs.

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Drip Systems

Drip systems are a low watering, low pressure watering system designated for planter beds, raised gardens, shrubs, trees, potted plants,and more, making drip systems the ideal watering solution. Instead of watering by hand, installing a drip system that connects to your sprinkler system makes keeping your landscaping healthy and lush for seasons to come. Our drip systems are designated for all types of weather and are flexible in harsh conditions, making them durable and long-lasting.

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Are you noticing pools of water in your yard or driveway every time we see a little weather? Installing things like a Down Spout, or a French Drain may do just the trick. Our OLC team can assist with accessing the situation and get the right drain placed so you can enjoy your outdoor space again.

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