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Grass Seeding & Sod Installation

Grass Seeding & Sod Installation

Why Choose Sod?

Many people think that removing their lawn and installing a rock landscape is less maintenance. But there are many factors to consider before uprooting your curbscape and spending countless dollars on an install you may not be satisfied with.

Having grass is one of the simplest ways to maintain a large outdoor space. While you can argue that you have to mow and water the space, consider the perks…

Grass offers a cooler surface during the hot summer months and a clean barrier for your family and pets to enjoy. Watering is minimal when installing a Smart Underground Sprinkler System, and weed control is rarely an issue.

Whether you are looking to replace your lawn with nutrient rich soil and sod, or you are looking to have a new landscape design drafted to include your new grassed area, Oregon Landscape Company is here to get your sod and seeding questions answered.

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There’s nothing sweeter than having a perfectly green lawn in front of your beautiful home.


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