Landscape Installation Services

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Oregon Landscape Company offer Tree Installation and Grass Installation as part of our routine services. We love transforming a space into unique, creative outdoor spaces for you and your family to enjoy. If you are struggling with your design or not sure how this process work, call us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have to see that your epic outdoor space goals are met this year!

Tree Planting & Transplanting Serivces

And Then There Were Trees

Everyone loves to find that shady spot in the your yard on a scorching hot day. No,we’re not talking about that crooked guy you hire off Craigslist. That’s where we come in. We install trees routinely with our landscape projects, so if you ever in need of installing a tree for that shade you’ve been searching for, give us a call.


Soil Matters

So, have you ever worked so hard to keep that perfectly green lawn all summer while you see your neighbor makes managing their lawn appear effortless? Did you know it starts with the soil just below the grass? Well, it does. When installing sod for our clients we ensure that the soil is nutrient rich and balance with our premier compost blend. Prepping the soil prior to laying fresh sod will allow it to root quicker which means a faster beautifully green established lawn your neighbors will be gawking over for years to come.

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Grass is interesting. Some believe there is this endless maintenance to having a lawn. But, in fact, grass reduces the heat surrounding your home. It’s aesthetically pleasing giving you that epic curb appeal. Finally, it’s a great way to transform a large area with ease. So you have to mow. If you are one that has a hard time finding time to maintain your lawn, call us. Yes, you said it; we do that too.

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