Soil Preparation

How We Prep Soil


Soil is an interesting thing. Like all life, plants need food to maintain viability. Soil is the resource for plants to obtain the nutrients they need in order to survive and thrive.

Over time, soil can become dull and out of balance leaving ph levels to be too high on the scale, or too low. Plants require specific ph levels to maintain a long and healthy life, just like everything else.

Here at Oregon Landscape Company our focus is to provide top shelf services and Soil Preparation is one of them. With all of our Landscape Construction installations, healthy 50/50 compost and fertilizer are laid as a base and then blended to existing soil to give plants, trees, and sod the perfect mix of food for that healthy longevity that every customer hopes for.

We understand the importance of having a beautiful landscape isn’t just about the curb appeal, but about the nature, the animal life, and the opportunities that our projects bring to our environment


What is Compost Exactly?

We know what your thinking. Isn’t compost like old bananas or something? Yes! Your correct. Compost is a mixture of naturally decaying materials such as leaves, grass, or plant based foods that are broken down over time to a microorganism level and then blended with soil. The compost blend consists of a rich fiber, heavy nutrients base that provides plants soil species life. This allows plant roots to receive all the nutrients they need to grow to their full potential and is good for the environment.

Soil Testing

Unsure if your soil is healthy, or needs a little TLC? The Oregon Landscape Company team provides customers with Soil Testing upon request. Our team is trained to get your soils’ ph level balanced and get your plants the nutrients they have been missing. No more brown leaves or stunted growth. Allow your yard to live as vibrant as you are and enjoy your plants for years to come. 

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