Installing Landscaping

Professional Landscaping Services

Landscape Design

OLC can use cutting-edge 3D design renderings to bring your vision to life before we even lift a shovel! This helps us fine-tune your landscape design to make sure it’s everything you want with a first look so that any fine tuning can be done prior to starting your project.

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120 ml – €45,00

Landscape Installation

Let our professional installation techniques take your vision to the next level! We use smart-controlled irrigation systems, drought-resistant plants, deer-resistant plants, and water-conserving sprinkler systems for all of our installs to ensure that we leave the smallest carbon footprint and provide cost-effective landscaping for our clients.

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Landscape Maintenance

Hire team OLC to maintain your residential or commercial landscapes, with expert pruning, trimming, seasonal clean up, gutter maintenance, weeding killing, weed resistance, fertilizing, and more. 

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120 ml – €45,00

Landscape Repair

Our team can help repair leaky pipes, breaks, missing/broken sprinklers, make system adjustments, and help with any landscape repair needs. Our professionals are trained to locate the problem and find the best solution for a long-term solution.



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Snow Removal & Winterization

We are commercial and residential snow plow experts and also offer ice melt for driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.

We are life-long Oregonians and we know first hand the importance of winterization. Contact us for irrigation system blow-out and seasonal system turn offs and turn ons.


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120 ml – €45,00

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